Xiaomi Mijia Smart Blender Blender Mixer Food Vegetable Processor Kitchen Juicer Home Kitchen Cooking Machine With Mijia App

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  • Brand Name: XIAOMI
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • Capacity: 800ml
  • Power (W): 600W
  • Shape of Charging Port: Round
  • Blade Material: Stainless steel

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Blender Blender Mixer Food Vegetable Processor Kitchen Juicer Home Kitchen Cooking Machine With Mijia App

Please Note:1.this is cn version.if you want to use mijia app. Please switch the app location to mainland China.

2. The voltage of this product is 220V, and some countries may need to use transformers.

Mijia intelligent small broken wall cooking machine

Main features:

800mL light enjoyment capacity
Multiple soft tone noise reduction
One button automatic cleaning
24-hour reservation
Intelligent APP control
High borosilicate glass

Product parameters:

Rated voltage:220V
Rated frequency:50HZ
Stirring power:15ow
Heating power:60ow
Rated capacity:800ml

Mijia Smart Small Broken WallCooking Machine Soft Sound breaks the wallSmall and Big

800ML light capacity Small family private enjoyment

Satisfy 1-3 people to enjoy, cold drinks andhot drinks are freshly made, delicious anddo not waste, start your family health
bureau in one machine.

Soft sound break the wallDo not disturb the goodtimes

The working noise does not exceed
68dB(A), comfortable cooking is not dis-turbed, and a nutritious breakfast is madein the morning to start a full day.

Ceramic Glaze* Layer ChassisNot Sloppy Easy to Clean

60oW die-casting aluminum* sprayedceramic glaze coating heating chassis,the heating is even and not easy tostick to the bottom, one-click cleaningis more convenient, and enjoy the lazymoment after a full meal.

24H AppointmentWarm Online All Day

You can use the rotary button or theMijia APP to make 24-hour appoint-ments, and there is an automatic
heat preservation function to lock thetemperature and nutrients of the
food. Get up early to enjoy a vigorousand nutritious breakfast, and returnhome in the evening with intimatecare.

Mijia APP Intelligent ControlDelicious At Your Fingertips

APP intelligent control, open the APP to re-motely control the wali breaker,and at thesame time remember your
taste preference. Put in the ingredientsbefore you go out, and you will be greetedwith warm food when you get home, whichwill heal the fatigue of the day.

Regularly Push Cloud RecipesSimple and efficient cooking

High Borosilicate Glass*It’s safe to drink

Food contact grade high silicon borosilicate glass ma-terial, the cup body is firm and thick,and hard ingre-dients such as whipped fish bones and grains are noteasily scratched, and it can effectively resist the tem-perature difference between cold and heat, making itsafer and more durable.

Spill-proof structure designBreak the wall without supervision

The lid has a built-in hidden space and a unique ven-tilation waterway to achieve dual functions of over-flow prevention and gas release, reducing food
overflow and reducing operating noise. No need totake care of the broken wall,just wait for the deli-cious food to be served.

Software and hardware intelligent monitoringFull of security

Through the intelligent combination of softwareand hardware equipment, 6-level security moni-toring, the cooking process is more assured,Doubly protect the healthy diet of the wholefamily.


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